Monday, 10 March 2014

Smoked Salmon

My father just bought an electric smoker and I couldn't wait to test it. I smoked salmon this time but I'm going to test chili too. Maybe something else later if I get an idea of something.
We used hickory and alder chips in smoking. In the picture (right) those bigger chips are hickory and smaller ones alder. I can't say anything about the taste of the smoke because I have nothing to compare with.
We seasoned the salmon fillets with salt and pepper. The pepper maybe covered a bit of the smoke flavour. So, next time I'll put there a bit less pepper.

We put the fillets in the smoker for about 45 minutes.
The smoker was quite hot after that, so we had to use mittens when taking the salmon fillets out. The skin had stuck to the grid and we had to scrape it off.

The salmon was tender and juicy. It had a beautiful brown surface as you can see from the picture in the right. We served it with fresh lime and salad.

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