Saturday, 27 June 2015

Super easy orange-mandarin sorbet

Sorry for not updating my blog for ages but the end of my school-year was pretty hectic. The exams and other works took a lot of time. I'm trying to compensate it during the summer by posting more.

         One day we had lots of mandarins and their peels were so tight that we couldn't peel them. I happened to have an ice cream machine and I used it to make some sorbet. After juicing the mandarins I added some orange juice to increase the amount of the juice. There were at least ten mandarins and after halving them I had 20 halves to juice. That took a while because we don't have a proper juicing machine, just a citrus juice extractor.

         To make this even simpler you don't have juice the fruits yourself. You can add ready-made juice from a bottle. Also you don't have to use just orange or mandarin. The world is full of fruits that can be juiced and be made to sorbet. Experiment with different juices to find your own favourite.

         When I had the juice I just poured it in the chilled ice cream machine and let it freeze for 30 minutes. The machine did all the work for me: the freezing and the mixing of the juice. It's also easy to make without the machine. Just pour the juice in a bowl and put it in a freezer. Let it freeze for a few hours and mix it a few times with an electric mixer during the freezing.

        The result was delicious but in the borders of being too sour. If you like sweet then you can add some sugar but it's not necessary.


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