Monday, 14 October 2013


Hello, I made some pizza today with my sister. I made the base and my sister made the filling. If you want the dough to be great remember to knead well. These amounts are for two pizzas. Here's the recipe.

Pizza base:

2dl         Warm water
1            Piece of yeast
2tbsps    Oil
              A touch of salt
5dl         Flour

 Mix the ingredients and knead until
doesn't stick to the hands and the table.
Roll on a greaseproof paper.
You can add whatever you like but we put this.

 Pizza Filling:

1500g            Minced meat
7.5dl             Flora ruokakerma   (I don't know it in English)

           Cornflour to thicken
           Paprika powder

Sautee the minced meat and add 
the other ingredients.

We put also some sun-dried tomato, olives and some cheese on it.

Cook in a lower level of an oven in 250C degrees for 12 minutes. 

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